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GorillaTag Links


Unofficial GorillaTag Site

The Official Unofficial GorillaTag website with multiple Tools, information and even a profile pic generator

Official GorillaTag Discord

Checkout the Official Discord for announcements, Rules and help

GorillaTag Modding Discord

Find great official GorillaTag mods here to improve your GorillaTag experience

GorillaTag Comp Discord

Find great competitive lobbies and events here to home in your Monke skills and challenge the best of the best. 

Monkey Map Hub

The place for all Approved GorillaTag custom maps for use with the Monke Map Loader Mod

ElectronicWalls Youtube

ElectronicWall’s Official Youtube Channel where you can watch #StickJustice and get game update news

Custom Maps

My personally created GorillaTag custom maps. Some are approved on MMH and the rest can all be found here. Click the image below for the download page.