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Psychotic Devil Gaming

PC Gaming, Virtual Reality, Game Map Creation, Game Modding, Dungeons & Dragons, Board Games, 3D Printing.


PDG Steam Group


My names DevilsNipple. I dont really do Youtube but I have a channel that I may one day do something more with. Probably not….Maybe…Definitely……Who knows!?

Join the new Official Group for Psychotic Devil Gaming. Feel free to use it to find people to play any and all games on steam with. Find new friends and discover new games you may not have heard of. Or maybe you just want some help on something, maybe someone can give you an answer.

Here’s my Twitch Channel, once again I haven’t and maybe wont do anything with this, but on the off-chance that I do its here.

ElectronicWall's Youtube

ElectronicWall's Twitch

Check out Electronic’s Youtube for all your Monke needs. Stick Justice, Information, Updates, Maps and more!

Catch one of Electronic’s Streams where he showcases updates live, catches naughty Monke’s or just play’s the game and chills